Apr 26, 2013

Sign up for Fedex Delivery Manager for FREE!

FedEx never ceases to amaze me! Now you can receive e-mail/sms/automatic call alerts when you have a FexEx package coming! Sign up for FREE with FedEx Delivery Manager and never miss another FedEx package again! You can set up to receive alerts for:

  • When FedEx has a package addressed to you
  • A day before delivery is scheduled
  • The day of delivery
  • When a delivery exception has occurred
  • When a delivery has been made
So far, I had 2 packages delivered this week and received an e-mail after it was delivered so I know to go look on the front porch! It's really easy to set up and use. You can even add alternate spellings and names you go by so you can receive alerts for those too!

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