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Our little "day trip" in Central Texas!

Somewhere between Bosque and Waco, TX
In the Springtime here in Texas, the road sides and fields are usually filled to the brim with beautiful wildflowers. So after heading the library to pick up a Mayflower book (since we might be connected to a passenger), we decided to head out on the highway to look for those wildflowers.

In the city, there are dozens of wildflowers even near restaurants. Little did we know that when we got out towards Bosque County, the wildflowers seemed to be non-existent. All we saw were ranches filled with cacti, cedar trees, and brown grass. But we did make our way to Valley Mills, and when we came across a huge mural on the side of a market, I wanted to stop so I could snap a few pictures.

The orange Longhorn belongs to us. This was taken in Valley Mills Texas on the side of the Wiethorn Family Foods building. It was actually one of first major buildings built in Valley Mills in 1898.

This mural depicts what the first Wiethorn Family Foods building looked like in its heyday.

A closer look at the buggies and horses in the left bottom corner of the mural.

We didn't see any wildflowers today but we plan to get out again this weekend so see if another area in the other direction will have the wildflowers we seek. I promise that if I come up on a hill filled with these blue beauties, I will snap as many pictures as I possibly can!

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