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Save money during Spring!

It's almost Springtime and that actually means better ways to save money! How is this possible? Many stores will be doing all they can to get rid of their winter inventory to make room for swimsuits and flip flops.

Here are a few key things to look for when buying winter gear:

1. Make sure there is nothing wrong with it, especially coats. Just because it's getting warmer does not mean that Old Man Winter has gone to bed. Texas has been known to have snow around Easter, so if your winter jack needs a replacement, make sure that the jacket that's marked down has nothing wrong when it comes to keeping you warm. Some winter gear may be marked ridiculously down because there is a flaw with it. Check before you buy!

2. If you're buying winter clothing, make sure that they are marked correctly for the size and price. Some stores quickly reduce prices on the tags without making 100% sure that everything is correct. You don't want to buy a cute sweater at 75% off that's too small or way too big.

3. Boots at 65% off is usually a great deal- usually. Make sure that they keep your feet warm during cold snaps and when they are finally put away that they don't during the months you don't use them. You will end up paying more for new boots if they don't hold well during their Summer sleep.

So why buy winter gear at incredibly low prices when it's Springtime?

Like I said, stores will be pushing their winter stuff in order to make room for the Spring stuff, which means that prices will be super low! It's not quite Spring yet (March 20th is the first day of Spring) and winter can still rear its ugly head in some places. Not to mention that when it does become winter again, you won't have to shell out big bucks for winter gear when you already have it!

Just be sure to save a little money for those flip flops!

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