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Possible Mayflower Connection

For the past few weeks, you know I have been tracing my family tree thanks to two messages I received on I have poured hours into making sure all the records I come across match those to other records I have. About a week or two ago, I came across something that made me stop in my tracks. It had a name attached to a Mayflower list! I kid you not- the name and dates I had were on the list!!!

So I spent the next day researching more and more about the name to see if everything behind it lined up. Guess what? It did! While every single date and name cannot be perfect because back then, record-keeping isn't the art it is today, everything was matching up almost perfectly! I would have several pages opened to time lines and so many dates, I was seeing numbers in my sleep. So far, 95% of all the information is correct. I need to have a genealogist confirm it to be 100% correct, but this is exciting to know!

There are actually many societies that descendants can join including the Mayflower Society in many states! In order to join, you need marriage, birth, and death records to go along with the application, and that could take me a while but it's definitely worth the work!!!!!

I'm hoping to eventually offer at least a month subscription to to my readers so that they can find their roots as well.

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