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Italian Easter Traditions Come to the U.S.!

Easter traditions differ from family to family and religion to religion. Perugina, the legendary Italian chocolatier, brings a treasured Italian tradition to Easter celebrations in the United States. The world-famous chocolatier celebrates the holiday with giant, eighteen-inch high chocolate eggs, each filled with a very special surprise. Hollow chocolate eggs with a gift inside have long been an Italian Easter tradition and one that is still practiced today.

The tradition of enjoying chocolate eggs with a hidden surprise continues today with 671 tons or 2.5 million Perugina eggs sold each season.

Perugina offers two distinctive eggs for the Easter holiday: a dark chocolate egg called the Baci egg and a milk chocolate egg called the Perugina egg. The Baci egg is named for Perugina’s most popular confection and includes four Baci inside each hollow egg. “Baci” is the Italian word for “kisses” and the iconic Baci confections are each wrapped in a special message of love before being enclosed in their outer foil wrappers.

The recipe for Baci has remained virtually unchanged since they were first created in 1922. They have a gianduia center, a sensuous whipped chocolate blended with finely chopped hazelnuts, crowned with a whole hazelnut and then enrobed in silky, dark chocolate. Gianduia, a classic blend of chocolate and hazelnut paste, is often referred to as “Italy’s fourth flavor,” after dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Perugina’s other well-known Easter specialty is the Perugina milk chocolate egg which contains five mini- milk chocolate Easter eggs. Regardless of which egg you choose to give this holiday season, the name Perugina ensures you’ll be sharing the finest, premium quality chocolate and the only authentic Italian chocolate available in the U.S. Look for authentic Italian Baci Perugina eggs at Italian specialty stores in the U.S.

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