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Get the homemade taste of cookies from Bart's Cookies! (Review)

Homemade cookies is a comfort thing we all know, love, and enjoy. When you go to a store and expect "homemade", they are usually the opposite.

Bart's Cookies has been baking homemade chocolate chip cookies since 1988! He actually made them for dinner while he was in college. When he starting baking cookies for others around the college and for colleagues at jobs, everyone seemed to like them! so he started making them for everyone else who wanted his cookies!

Bart's Cookies offers many different varieties to his delicious like Dark Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate Chip, Milk + Dark Chocolate Chip combo, White Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Don't fear for getting "manufactured" cookies- Bart bakes these delicious sweets himself so you know you're getting the real deal!

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You can purchase Bart's Cookies on the website.


I've said it a thousand times before and I'll say it again- I am a cookie monster! Any kind of cookies, I will most likely eat or even try. But I have a soft spot in my heart for homemade cookies. They remind me of helping my grandmother bake cookies when we would spend the day with her.

So I couldn't wait to try out Bart's Cookies since they're homemade! First off, they don't look like your average cookie. As you can see from the picture, they aren't flat. They are round and filled with delicious cookie!

I chose to try Peanut Butter Chip and White Chocolate Chip. The Peanut Butter Chip is so delicious peanut butter chips and actually pieces of peanuts in the cookie! It didn't have an overbearing taste of peanut butter, which tends to ruin the cookie. Some peanut butter cookies make you feel like you're eating a peanut butter sandwich. The pieces of peanuts just adds to the peanut taste without taking away from the sweetness of the cookie. The White Chocolate Chip was probably my favorite. I love white chocolate chip cookies, and they were fluffy and sweet and you could actually taste the white chocolate chips. You take one bite and you realize that every mouthful has a little bit of white chocolate chips.

The one thing that convinced me that they were homemade? The bottoms of the cookies were a light golden color from the baking sheet they baked on. You never see that anymore unless you were baking them yourself! So skip store-bought cookies and go for homemade.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a sample of each flavor mentioned above to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.


  1. These are really good cookies! They come soft and fresh when you get your order, and the chocolate chips are huge in the cookies!

  2. I have tried Bart's cookies and I have to say that I love them! I really enjoyed the dark chocolate chip cookies. Wonderful.
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  3. Wow these look so yummy! I love cookies too, and definitely want to try these! :)

  4. these sound like great cookies I will have try them


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