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The Mountain- America's GREENEST t-shirt company! (Review)

Being fashionable doesn't mean that you can't go green. For the past few years, I have been searching for a "green t-shirt" place to buy new t-shirts that suited my personality.

The Mountain is America's greenest t-shirt company and home of the Big Face tees! What is a Big Face (tm) tee? A Big Face (tm) tee is a t-shirt with a big animal face on it! The Mountain is America's greenest t-shirt company because more than 80% of the cotton in their shirts is grown in the USA, use Organic Reactive Dyes, and they also use waterbase inks.

But The Mountain doesn't just feature Big Face (tm) tees! If you're a lover of fantasy, they have over 4 pages of fantasy tees, tanks, and long-sleeves. I personally like some fantasy photos, so I just love the Vampire Night tee!

Navy Seal
Know someone in the military? They even have a section of tees dedicated to those in the service! They have tees of almost every branch available, even the Navy Seals (with a seal soldier!).

If you have a love of sci-fi, rock-n-roll, or just want one of those famous Big Face (tm) tees, The Mountain most likely has a shirt that you will love!

You can find The Mountain on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase Zombie Apocalypse starting at $20 and Play Dead starting at $20.

It feels like Spring outside here in Central Texas, so it was time to start thinking tees. But we couldn't find any of our old t-shirts and I wanted something that fit our personalities a little more than just a regular t-shirt.When Twin directed me towards The Mountain, I knew I would have fun!
Both shirts
Because twin loves zombies and The Walking Dead, I chose Zombie Apocalypse for her. I don't know if any of you listen to heavy metal, but I do so I chose Play Dead for myself. When the t-shirts arrived, I couldn't wait to put it on! With most screen-printed tees, it's hard to stretch them until you've washed them a million times so they fit perfectly. I didn't even have to wash it to make it fit!
Zombie Apocalypse

As far as size, it does tend to run a little large. I should have chosen a size smaller because the sleeves go about 3 inches past my elbow. The hem length might seem long to others, but I prefer a long hem. The comfort level is definitely a 10! I love t-shirts that you can just hang out in and pretty much go anywhere during the day without having to worry about your clothing. It's very soft and not thin at all, like many screen-printed t-shirts tend to be. The details are also amazing!

Twin loves her shirt and I love mine. But I have a feeling that we'll either A) buy more or B) swap tees once in a while.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received FREE tees from The Mountain to review. All thoughts/opinion are my own.

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