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It keeps pulling me back in!

Hello, my name is Angela and I am addicted to genealogy. Okay, let me explain. About a week ago, I received 2 messages on from a cousin and someone who is a distant relative- both from my Dad's side. I didn't have information that my cousin was searching for, but I did for my distant relative. So I went to my "family tree" on Ancestry and decided to do a little digging- but I didn't have a subscription so I couldn't click on those green leaf things that show up next to the names. I signed up for my 14-day trial... I shouldn't have.

Because my Mom has a rich history (apparently) on her side of the family, I decide to see how far I could go back and actually found my 6th great grandfather! I found it fascinating that he was born in South Carolina in the 1760's, which would have been BEFORE the Declaration of Independence was signed! I even found a land deed from 1820, when Martin van Buren was president.

While my Dad's side isn't as exciting, I did find out that most of his family was Polish, German, and Prussian. In fact, some records (though I haven't been able to authenticate it) say that my 3rd great grandmother and her husband came through Ellis Island in the 1800's from Prussia.

So after spending hours hovered over, clicking and looking, I thought I would take a few days off. But then Mom would be curious about an ancestor and would ask me to look it up. Once I found out that my 6th great grandfather was actually part of the original 13 colonies, I wanted to see what all I could dig up.

No matter how hard I try, genealogy keeps pulling me back in!

Have you ever tried to do a family tree?


  1. It's so fascinating! Mom tried tracing her parents history but came to a dead end. So many families name changed once they came to the US>

  2. Love this post. I'm right there with you. I'm a genealogy nut!

  3. I have a fascinating history also. My Mom's side goes back to a Sir Joshua Smith of England who fled to Ireland during the shift ion control. My Dad's history goes back to the Medicci ruling in Italy and how my family fled to Spain before returning to Palermo, sicily. I just met a distant cousin doing research and we talk all the time.


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