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Coming Soon- Saturday Savings!

Next week, we'll be unveiling a new thing here at Edge of Insanity- Saturday Savings! For that day, we will be focusing on a ceratin thing (like toys, celebrations, the home, etc.). Not only will we be posting deals, we'll also show you how  to save money on it!

Now the reason we chose Saturday was because that is when a lot of families get out or have their celebrations. That is also when a lot of families just take the time to relax and maybe work on some details for certain events or buy online.

So starting on Saturday, March 2nd, we will begin Saturday Savings with the "crafty" things in life. Many families with children do some sort of craft activities but I also know they can be expensive. So we'll focus on craft supplies deals as well as how to find bargain craft supplies and some things you do with things around the house.

What other Saturday Savings would you be interested in reading about?

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