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Cheap Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Instead of running to the store and spending hundreds of dollars on Valentine's Day gifts, we have some cheap (but memorable) gift ideas for your sweetheart(s)!

  • iPhone case- Find one with his favorite team on it or personalize your own at Shutterfly.
  • Gadgets for his gadgets- Solar power phone chargers, iPad keyboard, or even cool earbuds for his gadgets (along with a love note) are bound to make any man happy! You can find comparable prices at
  • Anything sports-related- I have yet to come across a guy that doesn't love sports. Even if his team didn't make it to the Super Bowl, odds are is that he is still a big fan. So getting him a huge mug or slippers that represent his favorite team will make him happy. 
  • Cologne- Getting him cologne won't make him think that you think he smells bad. If you get his favorite scent, he'll start wondering if you love the way he smells. Walmart offers plenty of cologne for all prices. 
  • Chocolate- Men, like women, love chocolate. Maybe not as much as us women, but I always find Dad sneaking chocolate when we have it around. Get him a big bar of chocolate 
  • Favorite movie- Make it a "date night" in with your guy's favorite movie! He'll appreciate that you are willing to watch it with him.
Okay guys, if you want to make the woman in your life happy, this list will help you!
  • Chocolate- Yes, chocolate. Even if the lucky lady is allergic to chocolate, there are alternatives to chocolate like carob. If she doesn't have a chocolate allergy, don't get a heart of chocolates. We want a solid heart of chocolate. That way we have it handy when we need that fix!
  • Flowers- Roses are a good choice, though some women don't care for roses. Ask what they're favorite flower is before buying. Nothing worse than showing up white roses and she loves lilies.
  • Framed picture- Nothing is more sweet than unwrapping a gift and finding a framed picture of the two of you. Try to choose a picture that has meaning to you, or even the both of you (like during a favorite trip).
  • Card & teddy bear-  It may seem juvenile to give a teddy bear with a card, but even the most independent women still love the fuzzy feeling we get when we receive an adorable teddy bear with a sentimental card. Just make sure that the card has meaning to you and the teddy bear is at least consistent with the Holiday. No brown teddies.
  • Lingerie- It's not tacky if you want to buy us underwear. It makes us feeling sexy and attractive. Just don't buy anything too small or too big for our sizes. 
  • Personalized- I don't mean buy something with our names on it. We love it when guys try their hand at crafts or making a special video or slideshow. Even if it doesn't turn out how you visioned, we appreciate the effort.
Children love to be part of this fun day. Here are a couple of ways to make them feel special!
  • Card & teddy bear- There are plenty of Valentine's Day cards out there created especially for children. Even if you don't find any in the stores, you can order them through Tiny Prints or Cardstore. Get them a cute Valentine stuffed animal to complete the gift!
  • Coloring books- Many stores sell Valentine's coloring books. Coupled with a new pack of Crayons, it should keep them busy and in the Valentine's Day spirit!
  • Candy & Balloons- Kids love candy and kids love balloons. If your children don't have candy, there are different alternatives to the candy part, like their favorite healthy snacks or even a snack they rarely have. For balloons, you can choose between the Mylar shaped balloons or even just a red and pink balloon!
  • Cup full of treats-  You've probably seen these gift sets that have mugs full of candy and a hefty price. Instead of spending a lot of money on a gift set, make your own using store-bought candy (or healthy snacks) and a cute mug or cup you find at Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Top it off with red & pink ribbon for instant flair!
  • Games/toys- If you'd rather not focus on the "love" aspect of Valentine's Day, toys and games will expand their minds and keep them busy while you're working on dinner! Of course, you could always wrap it in Valentine's Day tissue or wrapping paper!
What cheap, but perfect, gifts have you given or received for Valentine's Day?

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