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10 Things You Don't Know About Me

At the beginning of this year, I vowed to let you all  get to know me (and my life) a little more better. But if you read my blog, you'll think, "I still don't know a thing about this woman!". And for this, I apologize. I still don't know that fine line of not enough or too much information, ya know? But I figured it wouldn't cause too much harm if I let ya know at least 10 things about me!
  1. I am single. I don't have a boyfriend or a husband. After taking a few years off to figure out what I wanted in life, I am now settled and ready to resume relationships.
  2. I am terribly shy. I rarely ask strangers for help (even in a store) because I don't want to sound like an idiot.
  3. I am only 2 minutes older than my twin sister.
  4. I actually know about photography. You wouldn't know it by the pictures I take, but I don't have a digital SLR, though I would love to own one!
  5. I absolutely love music! I have a song from 1932 and every decade after that, leading all the way to 2013 on my iPod. 
  6. I'm kind of a geek. I find science, space, and history fascinating. I mostly love earth science and Egyptian history.
  7. I love to meditate. When I am really stressed, I meditate so I can find possible solutions for the problem. 
  8. I'm naturally unfunny. I can come up with good zingers, but when it comes to actually being funny, I fail in that department. My sister is better at being funny than I am.
  9. I'm an avid reader. Depending on how I'm feeling, I can read at least 3 books in one month- more if I love the books. I once read 40 books in a year. 
  10. I love nail polish. I have at least 20 bottles of nail polish and my nails are always painted. 
Now I'm going to let you do the asking: You can ask a question about me, saving money, or even finding deals online! After a week, I'll answer your questions in a post!

So ask away!


  1. No questions, but I *love* ancient history right there with you!

  2. I have twin sisters. They are 34 minutes apart though. I also have twin nieces and they are 8 minutes apart.


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