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Saving at the grocery store! #FinancialWellness Week

Nowadays when you hear people talking about saving money at the grocery store, all you hear is "coupons, coupons, coupons". But not everyone can coupon and not everyone knows how to coupon. So instead, here are some ways you can save money at the grocery store will still saving money for your family!

Keep a weekly list. When you plan monthly lists, that gives prices time to change. With a weekly grocery list, you are able to keep an eye on any price changes as well as any deals for the items you need. Plus, you are less likely to shop for things not on your list.

Keep only the money you need for groceries. Let's say that you only want to spend $60 at the grocery store that week. If you take $200 with you, you are more than likely to spend it. Instead, take about $75 with you (just in case prices have changed or you forget to write something down). While you're shopping, keep a price amount of the groceries in your cart so if you find yourself over than what you expected, figure out why. 

"I do not need anything here". I'm bad about buying a chocolate bar or soda at the cashier area because shopping is exhausting. But those $2 sodas and $1 candy bars add up every week. If you buy one for every member of the family, you could save up to $20 by saying "I do not need anything here" to yourself when you go up to check out. Sure, you want it. You want it badly. But remembering that you can save up to $20 a month for that special occasion or emergency fund will keep you from reaching for the Snickers.

Keep an eye on prices. For at least a month, keep each receipt from each grocery trip. If you buy name brand and you find that prices keep rising for a month, try and switch to generic. If both prices are rising, considering switching to something similar. You are able to plan out how much each shopping trip is going to cost you.

Consider coupons. Yes,I mentioned coupons. But you don't have to be an extreme couponer to save money. H-E-B, where we mostly shop, has in-store coupons like BOGO or save "X" amount. Stacked with manufacturer coupons, you can save quite a bit. But don't go printing out coupons for items you never buy. If your family doesn't end up using it, you will have lost money. 

At the end of the week (or month, depending on how you shop), put any left-over money into an emergency fund and keep it there until there is an emergency!

How do you save money when you grocery shopping?

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