Jan 21, 2013

Never miss a package with UPS My Choice!

Imagine coming home and finding a "Sorry We Missed You" sticker from UPS at your front door. With UPS My Choice, you never have to worry about missing a package again!  Get alerts before packages arrive, electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options. A great way to find out when you're receiving a package if you sweep or shop online! Sign up now!

We absolutely love UPS My Choice! Whenever I shop online, I like to know when my packages are coming. With UPS My Choice, we receive an e-mail (sometimes days in advance) that notifies me when my packages are coming. When we're not going to be home and we know that it doesn't require a signature, we can authorize them to leave it at the door, because someone will be home soon enough.

While we haven't been able to try out the other options (like re-routing to other locations), we love UPS My Choice!

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