Jan 1, 2013

Create a budget with LearnVest! #FinancialWellness Week

View all of your accounts in one place (for free!) with LearnVest’s My Money Center. Monitor your spending activity, create a personalized budget, and track progress against your budgeting goals with ease. LearnVest’s My Money Center will give you a snapshot of your overall finances, including your assets, debts, and net worth. LearnVest is protected by bank level security and encryption so your accounts are always 100% safe and secure. Sign up now!

What I Think

Signing up was super easy and you have the choice of connecting your bank account, but I'm not comfortable with doing that so I skipped it. But once you get past that, you are able to make a budget by essentials and non-essentials. You then get an overview of where most of your money is going. Sure, you can write it down on paper, but with a pie chart, you get a more detailed idea of where everything is going and what you can cut back on. 

Pros: Great for making that monthly budget instead of writing it down on paper. It is also a great learning tool for teens and 20-somethings to learn how to budget. You can also talk to an expert if you have questions about finances.

Cons: It can get kind of confusing, but it's only a monthly budget tool. There is not way for you to make a weekly budget.

Verdict? Great if you want to keep track of a monthly budget. For weekly budgets, stick with pen and paper or a spreadsheet.

Please note: I am NOT a financial adviser. I only speak from experience.

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