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Blogging 101: Finding Your Blog's Niche.

Finding which category your blog fits into can be hard. When I first started Edge of Insanity, I thought it would mostly be a personal blog of personal thoughts, funny stories, and family banter. That's what I blogged about for the first year. A few would read my posts but not enough to get me anywhere. Then the economy hit my family hard and we started devising ways to save money when we couldn't coupon. Most of my readers did coupon so I started posting coupons. But I didn't understand couponing myself so I went back to ways to save money without coupons and finding online deals that I couldn't even pass up.

You're blog doesn't have to be about saving money, coupons, or even deals. If you love to cook, you can post recipes and food-related articles that even the novice cook will enjoy. Are you a crafter? Post your craft triumphs and failures. If you have a family, you can become a mommy blogger, posting about the tribulations of raising children. So how do you find out which niche your blog will work best in?

Take a look at what you enjoy and what you have to offer. Every single blog is different because while they may post some of the same things (like offers and freebies), they all have different posts about their children, families, or whatever tickles their fancy. If you are savvy at saving money but have a family of 6, readers who have big families will want to hear what you have to say. Don't understand the whole "reviews and giveaways" thing, you don't have to be part of that niche. Blog about what interests you and what may interest your readers.

Keep in mind that you don't have to find a niche for your blog right now. Post what makes you comfortable and you will eventually find that category that your blog belongs in.

Even if you never find that category that has already been created, create your own! I know of one blogger who has a food and craft blog and does very well. Do what makes you comfortable and don't feel that you have to change your style of blogging just so you can fit into a certain category. That's what makes blogs unique- their writers and what they write about!

Next on Blogging 101: Blogging do's and don'ts!

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  1. What a great series. I have been at blogging for some time but am still finding great tips in your Blogging 101 series. When I first started blogging I knew what niche I wanted but time has evolved and so has my family. My tip follows yours and that is make sure your blog adjusts to fit your life and what you really want out of it.


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