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50 indoor activities to help with cabin fever!

Whether you're stuck inside because you're either sick, you're snowed in, or both, here are 50 activities to help you (and your children) combat cabin fever!

1. Read a book together.
2. Watch a movie together.
3. Make a fort out of furniture, pillows, and blankets. Here is a nice how-to of a cool fort!
4. Create an idea box with activities and games to play. Have your child/ren choose one activity to do a day.
5. Create a game to play with your own sets of rules!
6. Take a nap.
7. Do something crafty. Not inspired? Find inspiration on Pinterest or Craftgawker.
8. Play a board game.
9. Learn a new skill.
10. Make your own musical instruments. Atlanta Symphony has a ton of ideas!
11. Get the house clean by making a game out of it.
12. Color or paint a picture.
13. Make snow ice cream (if you're snowed in).
14. Do word finds or word puzzles.You can even create your own using word search generators.
15. Spend some time on Pinterest. You won't believe how time flies, trust me.
16. Bake.
17. Make something out of Play-Doh. Out of Play-Doh? Make your own!
18. Play card games.
19. Play make believe.
20. Make a story and act it out.
21. Create a time capsule.
22. See how many shadow puppets you can come up with.
23.  Finger paint with food coloring.
24. Take a bubble bath. It's also great play time for the little ones!
25. Build a maze. It can be with furniture, on paper, etc.
26. Have a dance party.
27. Tell jokes. Just make sure they're age appropriate!
28. Make snowflakes.
29. Write a story.
30. Put together a puzzle.
31. Sing songs.
32. Go sock-skating. Don't have hard wood floors? Wax paper and rubber bands will help you glide on carpet.
33. Make sock puppets.
34. Play hide and seek indoors.
35. Do a few exercises (if you feel up to it).
36. Play in the snow, as long as you're not sick.
37. Play indoor hopscotch.
38. Send them on a scavenger hunt.
39. Turn lunch into an indoor picnic.
40. Bring snow inside and make mini- snowmen.
41. Play volleyball with balloons.
42. Play basketball with Nerf balls (or even balled up paper) and boxes.
43. Skype with family members or talk on the phone to them.
44. Create a video and send it to family members.
45. Have an indoor photo shoot.
46. Do science experiments.
47. Cook something delicious.
48. Play dress-up.
49. Do makeovers.
50. Make Valentine's Day cards.

What other activities do you do keep you or your little ones from going insane?


  1. These are great ideas! When we've exhausted games and crafts my daughter and I surf the web together (safely!) If she wants to learn about dolphins, for example, we'll go to the National Geographic Kids site and search for them. It really does pass time fast, and she's not just sitting alone staring at the screen, there's lots of discussion (and giggles!)

  2. Thee are wonderful ideas. We love playing card games.

  3. Excellent ideas! We love crafts, Playdough, and Board Games at our house.

  4. Great list. You pretty much covered quite a few. My kids were always playing some type of sport with safe balls or whatever they needed. They would entertain themselves for hours doing that.

  5. these are definitely great tips. i could use some of these to my kids when I can't take them outdoor for some activities.

  6. these are great idea popping in to say HI from blogger resource


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