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Show off your family with FamilyStickers! {Review + Giveaway}

Have you ever been driving around and seen those stickers on the backs of cars that have stick-family members? I have and I have been wanting to get some of my own so I can show off my great family!

When I came across, I couldn't wait to tell you all about it! At, you can build your family car stickers with ease! They have some different custom design styles available like Custom Designed Family Stickers, Full Color Family Stickers, Chrome, Pet, and you can even have your family's name on the back of your car!

Creating your Family Car Sticker is super easy! Click on the design style you want, click to design your family, and add your family members and their personalities! With over 3,000 different variations, each family member sticker can be almost just like the real family member!

You can also put your family sticker on stationery, housewares, apparel, and even on Holiday ornaments!

Give your home (and car) tons of family personality!

You can find on Facebook.

Custom deigned family stickers start at $4.75.

You wouldn't know it from reading, but our family would sound like any other family! I have a dad who loves to eat, a mom who likes to crochet, a sister who loves rock music, and I love to read. But because I am proud of all the adversities our family has had to overcome this year, I wanted to show us off to the whole world... well, at least any one who looks at the back of our van. LOL

It was SUPER easy trying to find our distinct personalities through! Dad doesn't have any major hobbies and he's not really that good at mechanics, so I had to think about what he should look like. Then I thought- that man loves to eat! And he loves bacon. That's why I gave him the "bacon" personality! Mom loves to do cross stitch and crochet, so that was super easy. It was easy for me and Twin as well (who is only 1 minute older, which is why she is last. LOL). It only took me a whole 10 minutes to figure out what everyone should look like, and submit the order.
Just in case you're wondering, that's Dad in the window with his arms crossed. LOL
Installing it on the car was kind of hard. It had nothing to do with the actual product, but it was really windy and once the sticker stuck to the window, I had to slowly pull it off so I can place it to where it should go. Make sure that when you put it on the car, start from one side and then slowly adhere it as you go to the other side- otherwise you get air bubbles. As you can see, Dad has a couple of air bubbles as does Twin. Note: The names are NOT on the actual product. I put those on there so you can see which person is which. For our family's safety, I did NOT add names to the design.

Aside from the air bubbles, it looks really nice! Even Mom thinks it's cute!

Wanna create your own Family car sticker? Thanks to the great folks at, one(1) winner will receive a $30 gift card to!

I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received a FREE custom design family sticker to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.


  1. We have some of these and they are AWESOME!!! Great giveaway!!

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    Paula Michele Hafner


  10. I'm really enjoying family stickers.

  11. I see these on cars all the time and i've always wanted to put them on my family car.

  12. I like the Family Contour Cut Magnets

  13. I'd get the pet frog decal for sure:)

  14. Oh my goodness these stickers are so cute! When we get our new car I plan on getting stickers just like that one for my family. Thanks for sharing!


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