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Last Minute DIY Decorating Ideas!

The countdown is on and tons of people will be arriving Christmas Eve to partake in the festivities. But oh no- you forgot to decorate the bathroom or kitchen! Here are a few DIY ideas that will help you decorate those forgotten rooms in a pinch:

Extend the tree branch! If you have a real Christmas tree, snip a few little branches from the back and place them in a vase (or jar or bowl- whatever you have handy) with colorful ornaments. If you don't have a real tree, use extra ribbon instead and place them in the vase with those colorful ornaments.

Candles to the rescue! You cannot go wrong with candles during the Holidays! If you don't have any neat candles on hand, head over Dollar General and get a few 3-wick Holiday candles just for a few dollars. Put one in the bathroom and instant Holiday decor!

Candy in a bowl! The kitchen is probably one of the hardest to decorate for the Holidays because there isn't a lot of Christmasy kitchen decor out there. To get your kitchen ready for those guests, take a clear glass bowl and fill it with different types of candy. If you don't have any candy, color some rice red and put a green candle in it. Tie or tape ribbon to the outside of it to decorate it. Don't forget to put a nutcracker beside it!

Don't forget the front door! Sometimes we forget that the front door needs a little something to tie in the rest of the house. If you don't want to spend the money to make a wreath, take some extra wrapping paper and turn the door into a present complete with a big red bow and name tag. We did that for several years and it was so much fun!

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