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ESPN The Magazine- 1year Subscription for only $5!

I personally know a couple of sport buffs that would love to have this in their stocking! And for a limited time, you can get a 1-year subscription to ESPN The Magazine for only $5! Unfortunately, this is auto-renewal but you can cancel anytime using Amazon’s Magazine Subscription Manager and receive a refund for any unshipped issues. So give the sport buffs what they want and give them ESPN The Magazine!

ESPN The Magazine (1-year auto-renewal
Cover Price: $121.76
Price: $5.00 ($0.19/issue) & shipping is always free.
You Save: $116.76 (96%)


  1. I like the fact that is is only $5 for a year. I'm not so keen on the auto-renewal though. By the way, I think there may be a mistake in the second to the last sentence. You have the word "wants & want" twice. Unless you meant to... I'll seriously give the subscription to my hubby!

  2. chattykat, you can cancel the subscription anytime. And thanks for catching that mistake! I'm on my way to edit it out!


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