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Easy Holiday Nails!

I know this is out of character for Edge of Insanity to post nail polish tutorials, but I love my nails so much that I wanted to share them with you!

I have changed my nail polish so much in the last couple of weeks that it was hard for me to find a "design" that I was happy with. I finally found something that will get me into the Holiday spirit with the nail polish I have!

Ignore the chip. I ran out of clear nail polish.

What I used:
SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE® Opulent Lacquer Trio (Specifically used Micro Chip and Lunar Rock from the set)
Sephora by OPI- Good Tidings We Bling

How to:
1. Make sure your nails are free from nail polish. Put on a coat of base coat.
2. Put on 1 or 2 coats of Lunar Rock. Let dry between coats.
3. Put on 1-2 coats of Good Tidings We Bling. How little or much you use depends if you want really sparkly nails or just a little. Let dry between coats.
4. Put on 1 coat of Micro Chip. You only need 1 coat because any more and the silver will overwhelm the green and red glitter. Let dry between coats.
5. Put on 1 coat of top coat.

I love that when any little amount of lights hit my nails, they sparkle! I might try to do something for New Year's, but I haven't decided yet. LOL

What do you think?

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