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DIY: Get Rid of Hair Static!

Having long hair is a blessing as well as a curse. When it is cold and windy outside, medium to long hair will get static like you've been taking a tumble in the dryer! If you're in a time bind or don't want to spend a lot of money on those hair treatments that are supposed to get rid of static/frizz, this might help you!

Dryer sheets not only get rid of hair static, but it also leaves the hair smelling good! Open the sheet completely, grab a section of hair and run the sheet from the scalp to the bottom of the strand. Do all the hair working with a fairly large section at a time. Make sure to rub each section several times to get rid of 95% of the hair static!

Another great idea is to rub a gentle lotion on your hands and run it through your hair. It doesn't work as well as the dryer sheet, but if you don't have dryer sheets available, this will help if you're in a hurry!

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