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Christmas Boxes- What to do with them!

The excitement of Christmas is over as quickly as it came, and while we're all trying to recover from a Holiday hangover, boxes will be heading to the curb soon. Instead of trashing a lot of those boxes that toys and gifts came in, here are some DIY ideas!

Use them for storage! We haven't made the transition to plastic totes for Christmas decorations, so we're still using cardboard boxes. But after a few years, those boxes are starting to break down. So instead of placing those new cardboard boxes that came with gifts, we will be using them for Christmas decoration storage! So if you haven't made the move to plastic totes either, pack your Christmas decor in those boxes and be sure to label them!

Get crafty! Believe it or not, there are childrens' crafts that you can make with cardboard boxes! On Parents, you can find great crafts that will keep the kids busy and keep those boxes from making their way to the trash! If you don't have children,

Garden away! If you have a garden, you can break them down and place them in the soil around the roots of your plants. You will save on water as it takes a long time for cardboard to dry.

Organize! It may not seem very effective at the moment, but you could decorate the outside of those boxes and use them to organize a room! They would be great in a craft room.

Recycle the boxes! Save Earth and recycle them at your local recycle center! Habitat for Community may even take those boxes off your hand and re-purpose them.

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