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Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it's hard to find some practical stocking stuffers that won't break your Christmas budget but still maintain that Christmas flourish. Over the years, my family has somewhat mastered  stuffing those stockings with cheap, yet practical gifts!

Cheap Stocking Stuffers at a great price!

Toothbrushes- $1 at Dollar Tree. They can also be $1 at Dollar General.
Hair Accessories- $1 at Dollar Tree. Prices varies at other stores.
Pet Treats- $3 for Friskie cat treats at HEB.You can also get cheap toys and treats at Dollar Tree for $1.
Nail Polish- Most Walmart stores have NYC Nail Polish for 97 cents.
Makeup- I know makeup is expensive. But at Walmart, you can get makeup kits for almost 50% OFF what you would pay for each individual makeup (depending on your favorite brand).
Lip Balm Sets- Anywhere from $2-$5 at Walmart. $3 and up at Target.
Candles- $1 at places like Dollar Tree and Dollar General.
Candy- I prefer hard candy from Dollar Tree (it's only $1!) but chocolate and chocolate-covered cherries from Dollar General or Walmart. If you get the non-name brand chocolate from Dollar General or Walmart, you can save up to 40% from name-brand. Walgreens tends to have small chocolates for LESS than $1. Walgreens also has a coupon in today's circular, which makes Hershey's Candy (1.4 and 2.5oz) only 59 cents with coupon and card.
Toys- Once again, try Dollar Tree or Dollar General for cheap, durable toys. You can get a 2-doll set at Dollar General for $5. HEB Plus also tends to have inexpensive toys.
Socks- Stocking stuffers don't exactly have to be fun, do they? You can get Christmas Socks at Dollar General for $1. You can also get a Women's Cozy  No-Show Socks (4-pack) for only $3 at Walmart. Walmart also has Starter Men's Performance Dri-Star Low Cut Socks, 3 Pack for only $6.

Now that we've gotten practical outta the way. How about some fun, cheap stocking stuffers?

Puzzles- Dollar Tree has about 50-piece puzzles for only $1! I got one for Twin's birthday bag we did a few years ago and she put it together that same day! Big Lots has Assorted 100-Piece Dog Puzzles for only $2.
Games- Keep the little tikes busy on that car ride home with Crayola® Learning Activity Books, only $4 each at Big Lots. If your tween is bored, they can be creative with the Crayola® Fab Snaps™ Jewelry Kit, only $3 at BigLots. Some places also have travel games (like Scrabble or Hungry Hungry Hippos) for less than $10.
Memories- Every family has a picture of a funny moment on their computer. We have several. So what we do to commemorate and relive that moment is print out the picture (one for every person), put it in a picture frame, and put it in everyone's stocking. You can also do this with non-funny pictures and give each person a picture frame with a picture that means something to you. Little ones won't appreciate it, but the big kids will gladly put the picture frame up.
Sports- If you have a sports fan in the house, get them something so they can show off their team! Scout the stores to find that one special item that doesn't got a lot. Walmart has Dallas Cowboy earrings for $6 and even a laundry hamper for only $10.

Now I have a question for you: What is the weirdest stocking stuffer you've ever gotten?

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  1. We LOVE stocking stuffers! I have gotten them at the dollar tree too. I can't think of any weird, but I have put a fishing license in my husbands stocking.


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