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Save Money on Turkey Day!

A while back, I was able to get the 411 on how much the average family will spend on Thanksgiving each year- almost $100 or more! That includes the turkey, sides, drinks, AND dessert for about 10 people. Now, unless you live on a farm or have your own stockpile of Thanksgiving goodies, that's a lot of money in this day and age.

Believe it or not, we were able to have a great Thanksgiving last year (for 4) for only about $50. How is that possible?

1. Do NOT be afraid of coupons! No one has to know that you spent half of what you would've spent had you not used coupons. Plus, companies are putting out tons of coupons, including coupons for that turkey!
2. Decide if you want leftovers or not. If you think the leftovers will just go to waste, then get only what you need (adding an extra box just in case of surprise guests).
3. Swap whole turkey for turkey breasts. If you're having a small get-together, swapping that whole 30-pound turkey for turkey breasts will cut down costs and you'll have the exact amount that you need. The four of us had turkey breasts last year, and it was just as good as a whole turkey! And no one fought over the wishbone. LOL
4. Go price-searching! At one of our local stores, they were wanting almost $14 for a Pecan pie. Yikes! We can't afford to spend $15 on one pie! So, instead of grabbing and grumbling, go in search of a better price! If you cannot find a better price, ask the store what they can do. Usually, they'll knock off up to $5 just to make a sale. If they won't, opt for individual pies instead.
Gingerbread Marshmallows
5. Shop at multiple-stores. More often than not, one store will have a ridiculous price on a certain item (like mashed potatoes) while the other store will have a reasonable price. Instead of grabbing the mashed potatoes just because it was easier, save some money by going to the other store.
6. Resist impulse! I know it's hard to resist the candy aisle, or grabbing those gingerbread marshmallows (Yes, those are real.), but your budget will thank you in the long run.
7. Make it a pot-luck Thanksgiving! Making your Thanksgiving meal pot-luck is one way to save A LOT of money! Assign a side (or dish) to each family or guest, and you will be saving at least 1/2 of what you would've spent! Oh yea- don't forget to assign yourself a dish to make it fair.

How do you save at Thanksgiving?

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