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Getting gifts on a small budget!

Every time it gets closer to the Holidays, my family and I used to stress out because we never seem to have enough money to get what we want, swapping it for what we need. So Christmas always ends up with each person getting a $5 gift that eventually ends up lost, broken, or shoved into a box. But this year, especially now that we are on a super tight budget, we have decided to find different avenues to get those gifts for everyone. Believe it or not, we were 95% done with gift shopping before Halloween! Besides getting the wrapping paper, Christmas tree, and other things we still need, we only have about 3 more gifts to get! How were we able to get almost $200 in gifts without spending any money from a paycheck?

1. Use Swagbucks! You hear me say "Use Swagbucks" all the time, but it has allowed us to get almost $150 between me and Twin in Amazon gift cards. I know it's awfully close to the Holidays, but if you earn at least 500 Swagbucks or more a day (It's possible, I've seen some goals!), you should be able to earn that $50 in no time! Some gift cards may have "express shipping" but not all of them do.

2. Enter giveaways! If you think someone will like a prize that is being offered, enter! You never know- you may win! There are also instant win sweepstakes available, where you can win a gift card or prize instantly!

3. Earn cash with surveys/product testing! There are tons of places out there that offer REAL cash when you complete surveys or product tests. When you're done testing the products, they will either send you gift cards or checks.

4. Use coupons and codes! Most of the time, there are tons of coupons and codes floating around where you can get a FREE product (and either pay shipping or get free shipping)!

5. Get a FREE month trial of Amazon Prime! Another way we saved money was getting a FREE month trial of Amazon Prime. If you have not signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you are eligible for a free trial month. If you have tried Amazon Prime or you are subscribed, you cannot receive the free trial month.

Not sure they'll like the gift you plan on buying? When you receive a gift card or gift code (like to a personalization website), send it to them so they can pick out their own gifts!

If you have another way you get gifts without spending your paycheck, let us know!

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