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Chris Mann Roads Review #Roads #ChrisMann

As a finalist on the hit NBC television series “The Voice,” Chris Mann captured the hearts of millions while drawing the respect of multi-platinum talents such as Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo. Following one of his many dynamic live performances on the show, Aguilera told him, “I feel the heavens open up when you sing.” America agreed, and when the series ended, Chris had not one, but two songs on the iTunes Top 10 Pop Singles Chart.

Influenced by Pavarotti, Robbie Williams and vintage Sinatra, Chris’ blend of classically-trained tenor and contemporary pop vocals is a sound that’s rare in music today. Said Cee Lo, “He is by far one of the most incomparable vocalists I have ever heard.”

This classical crossover artist is set to release his Christmas EP on October 9 and his full-length major label debut album on October 30.

Thanks to One2One Network, I was able to review this album. Ready?

  1. Roads... 5/5- Beautiful song! His amazing voice with the beautiful music is just one of the great things I love about this song. The lyrics are inspiring- very reminiscent of Josh Groban, just without the deep voice. This song actually sends chills down my spine, which is very rare for me!
  2. I Need You Now... 4/5- Another beautiful song! It's something I can find myself falling asleep to, dreaming of my future Prince Charming. But it also brings back failed relationships and wonder if they ever think of me. His voice seems a little strained on this song, but you tell it's full of passion and emotion.
  3. Cure... 4/5- This song seems to be in Italian. I don't know a lick of Italian so I can't say how I feel about the lyrics. Google wasn't any help. LOL But his powerful voice reverberates through your head as he beautifully sings the lyrics. While it is a beautiful song, I have a hard time understanding the pretense behind Italian music.
  4. The Blower's Daughter... 3.5/5- If you're familiar with Celtic Thunder, then you'll know what I mean when I say this is a "story" song. It's another beautiful song with his amazing voice, but he constantly says "I can't take my eyes off you...". The way he sings the lyrics don't quite match the melody. You can also hear Christina Aguilera in the song as well. The voices blend okay.
  5. My Way... 3/5- One word: ethereal. This song would make a great song for a soundtrack from a Disney movie. But of course, this is the classic song made popular by Frank Sinatra. But it is sung at a much slower pace, which makes it harder for me to keep up with it. 
  6. Unless You Mean It... 5/5-  A nice fast paced song that is full of truth and meaning. The sweeping parts of the music make me wanna sing along with him at the top of my lungs. 
  7. Always On My Mind... 5/5- Another brilliant cover! This is the iconic song once sang by Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson. The music is absolutely gorgeous and his voice just fits the song perfectly. 
  8. On A Night Like This... 4/5- Yep, another cover! While Dave Barnes sang it great, Mann's alto voice is more suited for this song as his voice isn't too high and the deepness and richness of Mann's voice make you wanna fall in love. 
  9. Ave Maria... 4.5/5- It's not a complete 5 because I feel like the voice could be more powerful, but this song always makes me cry. Even now, I have tears in my eyes because Mann's voice makes the song just that more beautiful. 
  10. Falling... 3.5/5- Some parts are nice and some parts don't quite fit the song, like when he reaches the high voice. The meaning of the song is beautiful, and when he holds the note, it just makes the song that much better. 
  11. Viva La Vida... 4/5- I refuse to compare this to Coldplay. Both artists have their aspects that are great for the song. I love Coldplay's version and Chris Mann's version as well. It's different, and not quite moody. That's the only reason I gave it a 4. I find myself dancing in my head to it. I must say this- it's much different from the rest of the album and a great way to end it!

Total Rating: 5/5. I love Chris Mann and I love this album. His music (minus a few tracks) remind me of Josh Groban minus the deep voice. His voice is beautiful and I'm glad he didn't let his coming in 4th place on The Voice deter him from recording. How often do you find classically-trained singers in music anymore? If you love beautiful music and beautiful voices, Chris Mann is one to watch and listen to!

Did you know that Roads comes out on October 30, 2012? Yep! You can PRE-ORDER the album on iTunes or Amazon. You can also follow Chris Mann on Twitter and Facebook!

This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated are my own.

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