Oct 25, 2012

12-Step Program for Pinterest?

That pretty much explains my feelings towards Pinterest. I am constantly on websites and Pinterest, just pinning my little heart out. If you take a look at my Pinterest page. you will see that I have 34 boards with at least 1 pin on each board. The board, I think, that has the most is the Delicious Food/Drink Recipes. I'm not very handy in the kitchen, but those recipes look so easy (and so yummy!) that I plan on trying at least 1/2 of the recipes on there! My next big board is my Easy-Looking Crafts board. I'm okay when it comes to crafts, and I believe there should be a craft for every day of the year! LOL

I also believe there should be a 12-Step program for Pinterest. Step 1 would be to stop pinning for a day. That's so hard- I know. For the past weekend, I've pinned 1 item a day, if not more. Step 2? Stop going to Pinterest for a week. That would be stretching it, but is it possible? Hmm, I dunno. I think it would eventually lead to Step 12 as being "Delete Pinterest account.". Who wants to delete their account and start all over? I sure don't!

I take that back- there shouldn't be a 12-Step program for Pinterest. I would be pinning all the steps! Not to mention that I have no desire to get rid of my account. It took me forever to accumulate 34 boards and 543 pins!

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