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Which Surveys Are The Best?

Which survey websites are the best? Which ones have the best payout? I've asked myself that quite a bit over the years. I wanted relevant surveys but didn't want to take surveys just to have 1 or 2 points. It would then take me FOREVER to cash out, and when you're leading a busy lifestyle, you want the maximum payout for surveys you take.

What makes a survey website one of the best is not only payout, but quality *and sometimes fun* surveys. If you've ever taken a Swagbucks survey, you know some of them can be fun. In fact, Amanda took one of the other day that was in 3D and like she was actually shopping. So when a survey is fun, you don't mind that it takes 30 minutes.
So taking reader thoughts and my thoughts, I have compiled a list of what Edge of Insanity (and it's great readers) think are the best survey websites!

MindSwarm (from a reader)- You answer the survey via webcam, which is definitely unique. From what I was told, you can paid up to $50 per survey. While they don't send out many surveys, they are quality.

Opinion Outpost- Amanda is actually a member of Opinion Outpost, and she doesn't seem to have any problems with it. They go by a points system, and the points vary depending on the survey. But it doesn't take long to reach 100, where you can cash out for $10 Paypal or even Amazon. Some survey rewards are for prize drawings, which can be up to $12,000!

Pinecone Research- If you get accepted into Pinecone Research, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! They are SUPER hard to be accepted, but if you become a member, you'll see why! You get to try out the latest products (which you keep) and take surveys with high paying reward!

These are the places that I have found to be the best with a higher payout, relevant surveys, and ease of use. There are some that some people have no problem with, but for some reason, I didn't care for them.

MyHotSpex- I filled out my profile surveys and that was the last I heard from them. I check often to see if I have received a survey but haven't. And payout is terrible. You have to be a VIP Member (where members complete 5 surveys sent to their e-mail inbox from MyHotSpex). Others may have had great success with it. I haven't.

What other survey websites do you use that you love? 

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