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Frugal Halloween Tips!

I just love this picture!

Halloween may be a big Holiday with tons of options for costumes, decorations, parties, or Halloween. But it doesn't have to be expensive- I promise!

Don't buy decorations- make your own! Halloween decor is getting more and more expensive, unless you buy it from the Dollar Tree. But we never buy Halloween decor from our local Dollar Tree because they really don't have much. So instead of buying it year after year, we prefer to make our own that, if taken down with care, will give us at least another year of use! In fact, this year, we will be making almost 85% of our outside decorations. If you  need to feel inspired, search Pinterest for Halloween crafts and let the creative juices flow! While you're there, feel free to follow me!

Recycle old costumes. Last week when I was at Spirit Halloween, I was taking a look at their witch hats and noticed that the same one I got a couple of years ago jumped at least $5 in price, making it almost $15- it was only $10 when I bought it! So I will probably change a few things on it and no one will be any of the wiser. If your children have outgrown their costumes from last year, donate the costumes or recycle the costumes into something new. If you didn't have to buy anything, you now have a NEW FREE costume!

Make the candy last longer. Buy with coupons! When I was little, some homes would hand out like 5 little chocolate bars. As I got older, I started thinking "Won't they run out before the night is over?". Instead of handing out a handful to each trick-or-treater, one or two candy bars will suffice. Remember- they will have a ton of candy when they go home. Also, companies are sending out coupons for candy, so to buy the candy at a price you can afford, buy your Halloween candy with coupons! Sometimes stores will drop the price of candy BEFORE Halloween day, so that might be the best idea. The children don't have to know, do they?

Simple is better! We love to do decorate for Halloween, but we never do it to where it would cost more than $50. At Family Dollar, you can find small battery-operated pumpkins for $1. Put this on your porch and steps for instant Halloween feel! For a spooky look without spending more than $5, get some black and orange crepe paper. Cut at least 15 strips of each color that are at least 2 feet in length. Using tape (your choice), Hang each strip by one end on your doorframe or porch, alternating between black and orange. Voila- Simple Halloween decor that didn't cost much!

What are some ways you save at Halloween?

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