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It’s almost Fall, and that means that Edge of Insanity will be holding its annual Fall in Fashion event! We’ll feature fashion-forward reviews, giveaways, and ideas! Thanks to Zipz Shoes, we’re going to have a giveaway where the winner will win their choice of, well, Zipz Shoes!

But instead of Edge of Insanity just holding the giveaway, we thought it would be great to bring other bloggers into the mix! There are a few things I must mention before we get the good stuff:

I need at least 5-10 bloggers who are willing to participate! If we receive enough bloggers, then it is possible that there will also be a blogger-only giveaway. Prize has yet to be determined.

Everyone participating will receive one(1) FREE entry link of your choice, except If you want any extra entry links, it will be $1 per link. All payments must be sent through Paypal to No referral/affiliate links are allowed.

1. You must be a US resident to participate.
2. Your blog must be at least 1 year old.
3. You must submit this form BEFORE 12am CST on September 10th.
4. If you are submitting a payment (for extra entry links), please have that sent BEFORE the giveaway begins. This will be part of a blogger-only giveaway and I will need a complete total of prize amount.
5. You must promote the giveaway at least once a day (either through Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platform).
6. You must use the same HTML blog post that will be sent to all participating bloggers.

Sound good? Then sign up!

If you have any questions, please e-mail Angela Kinder at

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