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The Trojan Horse Conspiracy Review

Author: Dick Nelson
ISBN: 9781432795085
Published: July 2012
Pages: 362

Brad Tilsdale, one of the FBI’s top counterintelligence agents, is on a mission: ferret out a Russian mole he knows is lurking within the Bureau’s ranks. Meanwhile, Russia’s KGB and China’s MSS have bigger plans. They’re joining forces to infiltrate higher levels of the U.S. government with programmed sleeper agents—and not even the White House is above their ambitions. And their plan has a name: The Trojan Horse Project. What follows is the gripping story of shadowy plots intersecting with the dogged persistence of a career lawman. As the various forces of the Trojan Horse Conspiracy spring into action, Tilsdale and his team nearly derail the world’s most infamous terrorist attack, despite the government’s blunders. International crises come to a head as North Korea and China sit on the edge of nuclear war with the United States. These seemingly disparate world events find a common thread, presenting a puzzle that Tilsdale must unravel if he’s to safeguard a nation’s security and freedom. His mission leads him into the domain of America’s political elite—and what he finds may push the nation into chaos. 

What a ride! When I first started reading it, I noticed it had pictures of actual places, people, and things in there. That kind of threw me off. It kind of takes away from the fiction aspect of the book is about. Besides that, I thought it was great! When the KGB and MSS get together to throw America into a state of panic, Tisdale has a sense that something is wrong in the United States. He and is buddy Billings try to figure out what is going on before China and the KGB decide to take over the United States. But I will say that the "sleepers" story sounds a little familiar. But I can't quite put my finger on it.

If you love conspiracy theories, you will love this book! Was JFK truly killed by Oswald? Or was there several foreign agents involved? Does the KGB or MSS have sleeper agents loose in America? Is it possible that some our politicians are sleeper agents? 

This book will have you racing from page to page to see how the story unfolds. I thought the characters were very well thought out. I found Tisdale to be sexy yet dangerous. The only thing that bugged me was the constant barrage of Bureau terms, military terms, and pictures of terrorists. But after taking to Google, I felt a little more knowledgeable of what I read.

You can purchase The Trojan Horse Conspiracy on Amazon for $19.95. An e-Book version is also available.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE copy to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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