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Snackle Mouth Review

Amanda here- Edge of Insanity’s resident foodie! I love snacking but I’m tired of snacks that are full of sugar, fat, sodium, or sometimes- gasp- all three! I want something that is all natural but still delicious and unique!

Snackle Mouth All Natural Granola Nut Clusters combine all natural and organic ingredients to make a delicious snack that makes the mouth happy! Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters contain no refined sugar, trans-fat, and are low glycemic. Each flavor contains almonds, oats, and brown rice syrup and other ingredients (such as organic blue agave for a
natural sweetener) to make each of the 5 flavors!
Flavors include:

  • Salty Chocolate
  • Bacon Maple
  • Almond Berry
  • Almond Pecan Maple
  • Peanut Cranberry

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I was very lucky to have received a few boxes of their granola- which is perfect, because at that time, I was wanting something to snack on. Unfortunately, nothing we had at home seemed appealing. I was craving something salty, sweet, and crunchy. Luckily, the granola nut clusters had all 3!

I was sent 4 of their flavors:
Bacon Maple
Almond Berry
Peanut Cranberry
Salty Chocolate

Before I get onto the taste, what about those boxes? They are just attention-grabbing. It really draws you in. Well played on the packaging.

Ok, here we go. We'll start with the Bacon Maple. It was surprisingly sweet AND salty. My sister said she couldn't taste the bacon- but I could! With all of the nuts included (pecans, almonds), I couldn't get enough. It had a faint maple taste, but enough where you wouldn't know it wasn't there. We loved these!

The Almond Berry was just as better! I will admit, I am a huge almond lover. Unfortunately, I don't get enough of it in my diet. So when I opened this one, I almost hid it from everyone else. The blueberry was fantastic; as well as the hint of cranberry. It gave it that sweetness that you wouldn't have gotten from the almond.

Almond Berry
While I normally associate cranberry with trail mix or Thanksgiving, the Peanut Cranberry was right up my alley. The delicateness of the cranberry mixed well with the peanut. We have a huge peanut lover in the house, and while she can't have a lot of it because of her diet, she still sneaks in a few. This one was perfect for her. She could eat all she wanted without any problems, and that's a huge plus for us!! I also enjoyed it. I can still taste it!
Peanut Cranberry
Salty Chocolate
Confession: I love chocolate. Any kind of chocolate. So normally, if there is any in front of me, it's gone within a second. The Salty Chocolate was delicious!! The sea salt gave it that wonderful zing, and of course, the chocolate. The oats, salt, cashews, almonds, and chocolate made it just divine. I wish I had more of it!!! This particular flavor was mine, but I was nice enough to share with everyone else.

The good thing about these granola nut clusters from Snackle Mouth was that they were absolutely filling. You weren't left hungry, and to be honest, they are addicting. I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a handful.
So, not only are they good for you, they are positively delicious!!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received 4 boxes of Snackle Mouth to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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