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Retail Therapy Needed!

Have you ever had one of those days, especially after a bad Monday, where you wish you had money to spend? I don't mean buying groceries or things you actually need. I mean spending hours online just buying things you don't necessarily need but must have? That's how my morning is turning out!

I'm still angry from our treatment yesterday when we took Mom to the hospital (Long story short: When we receive the patient survey, we're gonna be brutally honest). It's still hot as Hades outside. Not to mention that I don't have the money for retail therapy!

But if I did, I'd maybe get a Texas Longhorns sweater (so that when it does turn Autumn, I can wear it), some new flip flops, and maybe a couple of pairs of pants. Oh and maybe some hair color! I think it would all easily cost $100. And since I don't have $100, I think I'll just "window shop" on Amazon and create a wishlist for future retail therapy.

So if you could buy what you wanted right now (but don't need), what would it be?

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