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Organize your life with AboutOne!

You can get organized today with AboutOne where you can safely store and manage your precious information: photos, children's artwork and health, education and home records for example. It takes a little bit of learning to figure out, but once you do, you can organize even important doctor's appointments and what medical condition your family has! You can also put which family members can be contacted in case of an emergency!

I was able to put Mom's up-coming doctor's appointment (like her Pacemaker appointment in November), what happened at the hospital, what her medical conditions are, and what medications she's taking. Since Twin suffers from anxiety problems, I was also able to put that in. I haven't tried the photos feature, but considering I wiped out an iPod full of pictures we'll never get back now, I might do that soon!

So organize your life with AboutOne- join now!

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