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Luden's & Chloraseptic Review

It's time for children to go back to school, and that means it's almost time for flu and cold season! Well, actually a cold or flu can hit you anytime of the year but are more prominent during the Fall and Winter months.

New Luden’s® Moisture Drops have a great-tasting formula that will soothe the dryness and discomfort associated with dry mouths, while easing everyday throat irritations. Luden’s® Moisture Drops work with a unique “HydroAction” formula to moisten dry mouths, a common problem that affects everyone at one time or another. The line also includes a variety of great-tasting throat drops such as the popular Wild Cherry, Sugar-Free Wild Cherry, Wild Honey, Wild Berry, as well as Orange Vitamin C Supplement Drops. 

Chloraseptic®, the #1 pharmacist-recommended brand for sore throat relief, is expanding its leading line of sore throat sprays with the introduction of a new kind of relief, just in time for back to school cold and sore throat season.  Chloraseptics® new Warming Sore Throat Spray, referred to as “hot tea on the go,” is the latest innovation to America’s #1 line of throat pain relief staples.  Like all Chloraseptic® products, it provides immediate relief of sore throat discomfort, with the added benefit of a warm and soothing feeling.

You can find Luden's Moisture Drops using their Store Locator. You can find Chloraseptic using their Store Locator

I think it was a bit of serendipity that I was asked to review Luden's Moisture Drops in Kiwi Strawberry, Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat Spray in Honey Lemon, and Kids' Sore Throat Spray in Grape. When I first received it, I thought it would be a while before I actually got a chance to use them. But a week after, I was struck with this cold that doesn't seem to wanna go away.

So I was able to try the Luden's Moisture Drops first, since I had an irritated throat at first and dry mouth (when I'm sick, I don't wanna drink much liquids). The taste was GREAT! It didn't taste like medicine at all. I hate drops because they tend to taste like the medicine that's in them. But these had a great sour and sweet taste. While there was a hint of medicine, it made taking them enjoyable. After a few doses, my mouth wasn't cotton dry anymore and my throat was feeling better.

But as we all know, colds can progress into full-blown sore throats and voices are lost. I'm there right now. So I wanted to try the Honey Lemon Warming Sore Throat Spray. I didn't really care for it. Then again, I'm not a hot tea fan. I prefer iced tea. But it numbed my throat to where it wouldn't hurt when I talked or swallowed. Sure, it tasted like hot honey lemon tea, but the medicine flavor was too much.

I know the other one is for kids', but because I didn't care for the Warming Throat Spray, I tried the Kids' Sore Throat Spray in Grape. Ahhh, now this product worked beautifully! Not to powerful of a medicine taste (though it was still there), and you can taste the grape. The medicine hit the back of the throat and my throat didn't hurt anymore. It lasted quite a long while, and it keeps my poor throat from becoming inflamed from the constant throat clearing.'

So be prepared this season with Luden's and Chloraseptic! You'll need them! Some tips for those sore throats from the Doctor!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received FREE products to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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