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Cheap Allergy Remedies!

Did you know that there is not "set" allergy season? It all depends on what you're allergic to! Since I tend to have year-round allergies and sinus problems, I am constantly suffering. But taking care of those allergies can actually be expensive!

Believe it or not, we actually buy allergy medicine once (if not twice a month) because Dad, Twin, and I all suffer from allergies. But even buying generic over-the-counter medications can be expensive because we have to buy the boxes with the most doses. So we actually have come up with some pretty cheap ways to supplement the over-the-counter medicines- herbal supplements! So which ones are best for allergies? Of course you have Echinacea-- which is great for immune support, but it also helps the symptoms, making them less severe.

Now if you have dandelion allergies, this probably isn't for you, but Dandelion herbal supplements have been found to purify the blood, getting rid of the allergent. Ginger can also help, but I prefer taking Ginger Root for upset stomachs instead.

If you get chest congestion because of your allergies or sinus issues, taking Mucinex can help but only for a little while. Not to mention that Mucinex is terribly expensive. It can easily cost you
almost $12 for a box! I only use it when my chest congestion is really bad. Instead, take a syrup made from Echinacea, Elder Berries, Thyme, and Licorice Root. All of these help with immune support but also help you have productive coughs. If you need a recipe, Frugally Sustainable has one! 

I haven't found any other supplements that work yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to update this post!

Washing It All Away!
If you have been outside and you know your allergen resides in nature, don't touch your face! Instead, go take a shower. Be sure to wash your face and hands really well, or it'll remain those places. If you don't feel like taking a shower, at least wash your hands and face. Then be sure to change clothes and wash them.

I have terrible sinuses as well, which means I constantly have either a stuffy or runny nose (Ew, I know. Sorry!). So instead of running to the medicine cabinet, I have developed some pretty unique ways to help that! What I sometimes do is run the shower very hot but don't get in. The last thing I need is 3rd degree burns with a stuffy nose! I then get a towel and put it over my head. The steam loosens my sinuses (and any chest congestion I may have) and I start feeling better. Then if I still need medicine, I take it. You can also do this with the sink or even both.

Keep all linens and clothes washed. Allergens can be blown by the wind, even when opening the front door and land where it wants. If they're constantly washed, you don't have to keep using medicine, which cuts down on buying it so often.

Purify It
I haven't gotten one yet, but humidifiers as well as air purifiers might work wonders! The dry air of the season causes your nose and sinuses to stay super dry, causing that headache and stuffy nose. The humidifier will keep the room however humid you want, keeping everything flowing. Then of course the air purifier gets rid of most allergens in the air. It might be handy to have one in every room you frequent!

Have a cheap way of keeping those allergies at bay? Let me know in a comment!

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