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It's not often I do updates, since I still don't have the Internet at home. But I know a couple of you are wondering how Mom is doing. She is getting better and better each day. There are things she still cannot do- like tons of laundry, cleaning, or even hold a kitty. She's gets very frustrated easily, so we try to help out whenever we can.

She has a doctor appointment on the 19th (the day after her birthday), and then another appointment with the pacemaker tech on July 13th, which is actually a Friday! Luckily we're not superstitious, yes? But she no longer has her stitches, and we're watching the incision very carefully for infection.

I have tons of reviews as well as giveaways coming up this month, so until things smooth out a little, Edge of Insanity might be a little disorganized. I apologize for that, and promise to get everything as organized as I can!

I do wanna thank my readers for sticking by me during these hard time. It's never easy to have someone you love go through pretty much major surgery and then have to make sure they don't get infected. Having to come to the library just work doesn't make it any easier, either. So thanks for staying with us and supporting us!

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