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The Merci Review

Father's Day is Sunday, June 17th (a day before Mom's birthday!). Dads can be hard to shop for, especially if they aren't all that interested in certain things (like cars or golf). You don't want to spend all your time wondering what you think they'll like, only to fear that they won't like it at all.

The Merci can help you find something that even the manliest of men will enjoy! They offer unique yet practical gifts without sacrificing style or fun. If you're worried about find a gift that won't cost a ton, their items are great for all types of budgets. And don't spend all your time hopping from category to category, trying to figure out where they keep the wallets or that pretty clutch! With categories such as hers, his, and even desk, it takes out the guesswork!

If the guy you're buying for likes to drink a beer once a while, keep him occupied with the Dachshund Bottle Opener. It's shaped like a Dachshund with a bottle opener in front. If they like to fish and drink, you could always try the Fish Bottle Opener! It's tail is turned into the bottle opener. Pretty neat, huh? Nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like a new wallet! With 5 styles of leather wallet, he can now stow away his cash while staying stylish! You can find even handmade soaps, Classic Lacquer Pens, and even Mucho Libre Masks!

If you're looking for something for the guy that likes to keep a nice house, then the House & Home section is for you! They offer bags, Garden Flowers made from actual spoons, knives, and forks, and handmade soaps.

Something that anyone could use is the Classic Lacquer Pen! The pens are great companions to any of the desk or paper products that The Merci offers as well! Ran out of ink in your Classic Lacquer rollerball Pen? They have refills! If your Classic Lacquer pen is a ballpoint, sit tight because they'll be offering those soon!

You can find The Merci on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase the Classic Lacquer Pen-Turquoise for $24.99.

Dad is really hard to buy for. He really doesn't have any hobbies,  and even though he enjoys football, he isn't a major fan. So when it comes to buying for him, I can easily spend hours trying to figure out what he wants. But he is always writing something down (whether it's information, a number, or a note), and he is always loosing pens. He'll sometimes come ask me if I have one he can borrow. I figured that he would keep the Classic Lacquer Pen close by because it's too nice to just have it laying around.

It comes in a little tube and when you open it, the first thing you'll notice is that the pen is in a little holder than is black velvet (or atleast it feels like it). It comes with information and a little booklet with other products that Retro 1951 offers as well! The pen itself is sooo pretty! The color is vibrant and shiny. When you you want to use it, twist the bottom (it's not a clicker pen- I tried doing that until Twin told me to twist it). Be sure, that when you are done, to twist it fully back into the pen- otherwise you could have ink stains.

As far as writing, it is definitely a smoother writing pen! The ink is nice and dark. It doesn't smudge, and it doesn't take any effort at all to use! You know how with some pens that the minute you write, it can smudge, leaving little blots all over the paper and your hands? You don't have to worry with this pen!

I think Dad will love it. At least he doesn't have to hunt down the house looking for a pen!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I recevied a FREE Classic Lacquer Pen from The Merci to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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