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Major update!

Okay, so I've been keeping you all updated on how Mom is doing. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday with the actual doctor (and not the pacemaker tech), which she was really nervous about. She's been trying to stick to the diet he set for her, but it is hard. So she was worried that he would say something about her blood pressure.

Believe it or not, her BP was actually lower than its been in a long time! The both of us were shocked, and maybe a little happy that we finally got her BP in control. She's even lost weight since the surgery, which I think about about 10 pounds. Her heart rate was excellent- much better than it had been when she was in the hospital. When they admitted her that fateful night, her heart rate was a measly 45. Which is why she often felt faint- because her heart wasn't pumping like it should.

But we have no reason to see him again until next year... Well, as long as she keeps up her regular pacemaker tech appointments and starts going to a regular doctor. She is definitely getting much better and actually offers to do the laundry, which we let her do because before, she was fighting us for it. LOL

I appreciate everyone's support!

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