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ICJ Cookies Review

Cookies bring thoughts of melting chocolate chips, or oatmeal and raisins filling your mouth as you take a bite. But after a while, I get tired of the same old cookies, crunchy or chewy. Chocolate (which I have nothing against!) chips or nuts. Ifyou're like me, you want something that will explode flavor onto your taste buds!

Then forget everything you thought you knew about cookies and try ICJ Cookies! ICJ Cookies specializes in delicious gourmet Italian cookies. They only use fresh ingredients such as chocolate, pecans, hazlenuts, almost paste, and cherries. What also makes them special is that it is a family business, starting out with a husband-and-wife team of Dom and Shirley Danna, which quickly expanded to include their five children (with the grandchildren as official testers!).

But don't think you're getting week-old cookies when you order. Each batch is baked and shipped the same day to ensure that you are getting the freshest cookies possible.

Neopolitan Cookies
So what about those cookies, huh? Unless you have an Italian bakery close by, then you probably haven't come across Italian cookies such as Chocolate Anise Balls, Pepper Balls (a delicious combination of chocolate and pepper), and even Sesame Cookies. But they also offer great decadent sweets like Orange Creamsicle Cookies, and their signature cookies, Neopolitan Cookies.

If you really love one of their cookies, you can buy it by the pound! Each cookie box is $15, and you can include a gift card message with your order. If you'd rather have a variety (especially if you're having a party), you can purchase one of their Cookie Trays! Ranging from 1 pound to a whopping 10 pound try, your guests will enjoy munching on a wide variety of delicious cookies!

You've gotten the cookies, now where are you supposed to put them if you don't have a cookie jar at home? Why not order your very own ICJ Cookies Neopolitan Cookie Jar? Designed by cookie jar designer (I didn't know those existed!) Annette Ricci, it is made to look like their signature cookie, the Neopolitan Cookie!

You can find ICJ Cookies on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase the Piccolo Collection for $39.00

This is the first year that we will be having a major Mother's Day celebration, which will include not only family members, but friends as well. I don't come from a family of bakers and I don't want any mother have to spend the day slaving over a hot oven, just to bake cookies for people that will eat them in less than 5 minutes.

So when I found out that I would be reviewing the 3lb Piccolo Collection, I knew exactly what I would do with it- set it out at the celebration! But of course, I had to nibble on a couple of cookies because I knew I wouldn't get the chance once I put it out. Oh my goodness, I never had cookies so soft, sweet, and delicious! None of them were dry or too flaky. You could tell that they were made with love because they weren't flat as pancakes and each cookie had it's own distinct flavor.

My favorite has to be the Neopolitan Cookie. I don't think I've ever had almond paste before, so it had a texture of brownies but a flavor that I didn't want to let go of. It was a a great taste into the wonderful world of cookies! Another favorite was actually Grandma's Famous Fudge Bars. I'm a fudge person, so I wanted to eat all of the fudge bars. LOL

I can't wait for everyone else to try them!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE Piccolo Collection Cookie Tray from ICJ Cookies to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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