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Walmart & Incense

About a week ago, Twin ordered me the cutest Dragon incense burner on Amazon. With cone incense, the smoke comes out of his mouth, which is supposed to look like he's breathing fire. But he can also hold stick incense, which is all I have right now.

So today at Walmart, I walked over to Crafts (Why would it be in the craft area, anyway?) and saw about 5 different scents of incense cones including Earth and Nag Champa. I didn't see anything that fit my mood at the moment, so I said I would see what Dollar General would have. Come to find out, Dollar General doesn't carry cone incense, or atleast the stores in my area don't. Since we had to stop by the other Walmart, Dad had asked me what I wanted, and I said that he could get me the same Earth scent or some other earthy scent.

Never send in a man to buy incense. He's come back out and says they only had the same scents as the other Walmart. I paused for a moment, remembering that I had said Earth. But because he took the time to go into the Crafts section, I didn't say anything. So I have decided that I will find a specific scent online and order it.

Is it just me or do women distinguish different scents better than men?

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