Mar 9, 2012

Saved over $10 worth of milk!

Every Friday, we get out and do errands, which includes going to Walmart. I hate going to Walmart because that means buying tons of groceries, so we can stock up. Next week, we probably will only need a few things. Anyways, Twin & I had received coupons in the mail for free soymilk from 8th Continent and Silk.
Considering that each half-gallon is about $3.50, it was definitely a money-saver!

Since we don't have a printer, we can't print coupons at the moment. But it was definitely great to see the total go down with each coupon. After taking a look at the receipt, I noticed that we saved almost $15 just from those coupons!

I'm tempted to head to Office Max to buy a printer, some ink, and some paper so I can get those coupons printed! Talk about a rush!

What is the one coupon you make sure you always have on hand?

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