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Journey to Virginland Review & Giveaway

Title: Journey to Viriginland
Author: Armen Melikian
Pages: 288
 ISBN-10: 1935097512
 ISBN-13: 978-1935097518

The protagonist, a loutish and uber-cerebral antihero known simply as Dog, takes on the challenge to navigate the perilous paradigm shifts of our age, determined to find his proper place under the sun. Is he doomed to failure? Or will he pull it off by heeding his own irreducible voice, given the ebb of the old certainties?

Dog pursues the answer unrelentingly, through an impassioned quest for identity and meaning. He revisits his relationships with women, family, literature, and homeland, in the process illuminating his journey with commentaries on history, religion, politics, and culture that unravel our very fabric.

I will not lie and say that it's an easy book to read- it's not. The constant flow of high vocabulary and dry wit will leave you feeling either smarter having read it or like you should read it with a dictionary. Sure, I didn't understand quite a few words but once I looked them up, I could finally understand what Dog was talking about.

Anyways, it's an interesting look into the society we know today. While constantly trying to figure out the world, Dog takes a good look at himself and takes stock of what he has experienced, what he thinks about religion, politics, and of course, sex. While I personally agreed with a few things, some might feel offended. It isn't a book for everyone, but Melikian pulls the reader in and doesn't let go. If you research some of the areas (such as Virginland or Paradise), you will find that in reality, they do exist in some part of the world. While it is a work of fiction, you can't help but think that maybe there is some truth to it.

Melikian's writing will shake the very fabric of literature, enticing readers to take notice.

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Armen Melikian holds a Master's in International Relations from American University, Washington, D.C. He has also studied mathematics at Harvard and elsewhere, and was admitted by the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University to pursue graduate studies in Analytic Geometry, Mathematical Physics, and Topology. However, he eventually abandoned both politics and mathematics in favor of literature and dedicated his life to writing. Melikian lives in Los Angeles.

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