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A couple of days ago, I started sneezing my head off. I knew something was up because I hardly sneeze. Then the next day, I am sick with a terrible cold. I wasn't the only one- Twin had gotten sick as well. So we spent the next 2 days in bed, feeling so wiped out to do anything but sleep and watch TV. As I got up today to go do errands, I noticed Mom wasn't her normal cheery self. She had gotten sick too! So now, except for Dad, the whole house is sick. But at least we have tons of juice and medicine to help those sniffles and coughs.

On to some good news- we have another great giveaway coming up in about a week or so! If you're a tea drinker, you'll love it!

We're also starting something new here at Edge of Insanity. We're have a new spotlight feature called Shop Small, where we will feature a local business to show that we support small businesses! Maybe we'll even have a review or 2 from some of them! Do you shop at small businesses in your area or do you prefer major chains like Walmart?

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