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A Saving Weekend!

It’s not very often that we get to shop online for Christmas but this year, things sort of worked out for us.  After this weekend, you can bet we’re going to start shopping online at Christmastime more often!

On Friday I received a $20 Target gift card, which got used immediately after seeing how bad my sister needed something. So I went to the Target website, found one that was within my price range, and bought it. I was surprised that I was able to take almost $3 off the price. Then I noticed that I received FREE shipping! So I saved 40%! I can’t say what I got her because, she is after all, a reviewer and just in case she happens to see this post; I don’t want her to know what she is getting.

Anyways, after that, I remembered that the only nail polish we have is black. Sure, it’s my signature color, but I wanted something for my different moods. So I saw an ELF 5-piece Nail Polish set for $5. Of course, I didn’t expect for any kind of savings off the price. But this also received FREE shipping! With the shipping to have been almost $11, that was a 50% savings! And believe it or not, they are still eligible for FREE shipping! So for those little girls who love nail polish, this is definitely a snag!

Then we needed to buy some warm winter clothes, since it seems to be feeling a lot more like January than December. With 2 different shirts and 2 different types of pants, the total price would have been almost $80, and that isn’t including shipping or taxes. I mean, that’s not bad for plus sized clothing, but Twin really didn’t feel like spending $80 on clothes. So we searched around Woman Within for some sort of promo code. The one we found gave us 40% off our first item, which turned out to be a pair of pants that had a posted price of almost $20. For some reason, it took off more than 40%, and the pants were only $1 and some change! So the total came out to about $69, a lot cheaper than what we were expecting!

Total savings: 130% savings! 

Now we just await the arrival of our finds and then the Holiday season can begin! Maybe I can get more savings when I search for Twin's birthday gift! By the way, it is December 12th so we might not be on that day.

What was the best deal you snagged while shopping online?

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