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I have to apologize...

I want to apologize to everyone. I know it seems as if I had been neglecting my duties here at Edge of Insanity, and I guess in a way I have been. But a lot of things have been going on, and not all of them are good things. I can't go into details, but they require a lot of time and thinking things through. We could use a few prayers our way, if you have time.

You mean a lot to us. I mean, c'mon, you guys made us what we are today! We couldn't have done it without ya'll. It has been a great year (minus a few ups and down) and we are looking forward to another great year!

So from our family straight to yours, we wish you a warm Merry Christmas and a great New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas and a great New Year! from my family to yours

  2. whatever it is you're going through, hang in there -- remember you're going THROUGH! and I will definitely pray for you :)
    a blessed Christmas and new year to you and yours!


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