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Let It Begin!

Since Halloween is over, the Holidays will descend upon us. That means Holiday commercials, sales, movies, and stores stocked to the ceiling with gifts galore. People will be shopping non-stop to get that ever-so-important gift they must have. Around Thanksgiving, decorations will be put out and lights will brighten almost every street.

And guess what? We'll be having our own Holiday event! It will be somewhat like a gift guide. The gift guide will include reviews while the gifting part will include plenty of giveaways!

Then, in December, Twin & I will be having a "birthday party". Instead of us GETTING gifts (though we plan on giving gifts to each other), we're gonna let you celebrate with us by us GIVING gifts with giveaways! Since our birthday is so close to Christmas, it always puts us in the giving mood

Anyways, I am excited for the Holidays this year. I'm usually not, but for some reason, this year I am! So let the Holiday games begin! I am ready!

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