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HGG: Home- Simple Divine Candle Co. Review

People are not far from "decking the halls" with Christmas decorations, lights, and homemade crafts. But many put out candles, flame-less or flame. With actual flame candles, it isn't very safe nowadays with pets and children.

You can still have the beautiful look of candles without a fire burning! Simple Divine Candle Company allows you to have that Christmas candle look with their flames-less electric candles! Their candles are attached to candle pans with the electrical cord. So you don't have the hazard of the cord hanging over a sharp edge, which can break down the cord, causing electrical fires. Their candles are also scented through out the whole candle with a scent that is sure to last long!

Chocolate Covered Cherries
They have many different scents and collections available! Their Original Collection is very popular with many scents and a unique look that will fit anyone's style. Their Cupcake Collection is just a tad smaller (3in x 3in) than their Original Collection but you still have the great style and scents! Doesn't the Chocolate Covered Cherries look delicious?

If you're looking for something a little more glitzy, why not their Glitter Collection? Instead of a "bumpy" texture, their Glitter Collection candles have a smooth outside with an engraved swirl design and each candle is topped with diamond dust for that glittery look! Their Inspired Collection actually has words like LOVE, DREAMS, BELIEVE, and HOPE engraved on the outside so when you turn them on, you'll truly be inspired! This would be a great gift for anyone who needs a little inspiration or anyone who loves to have inspiration-themed items in their home!

Now I personally love coffee- I have to have my Mocha Chocolate Cappuccino when its freezing in the morning. Otherwise, it would take me forever to get going! If you're not a fan of the taste of coffee but love the smell, why not pick up something from their Cafe Collection? With 6 absolutely delicious scents, its almost enough to wake you up in the morning! With scents like Espresso Cafe and Mocha Java, it might make you rush to your nearest Starbucks for a cup!

If you really don't like flame-less candles, they offer 7oz and 5.5oz flame candles with a few scents like Japanese Cherry Blossom, Butter Rum, and Fireside.

These are great gifts for candle lovers alike!

You can purchase your choice of candle through their website. Prices vary.

I was able to review the Kandy Kane Original Collection candle. Twin was able to get to the box before I was so she looked at it first. She doesn't have a sense of smell so she couldn't tell me what it smelled like. But she said it had a waxy feel to it, and that it was very pretty. She thought the bulb was interesting, because she had never seen one like it. 

It is so pretty! It is definitely a Christmas candle. The outside definitely reminds me of a real candle, and since I have pets, I'm glad it is flame-less! And the smell? Like peppermint candy canes! We turned it on and after a few minutes, the bulb wasn't even close to getting hot. A little warm, but that's true for any bulb, regardless of where its installed. When its on, the outside just seemed to glow. It reminded me of when I was a kid, sitting under the tree, just feeling warm and cozy. 

I absolutely love it! And since it doesn't melt, I will probably use it for as long as I can!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE Kandy Kane Original Candle from Simply Divine Candy Co.  to review. All thoughts/opinions are are mine (along with one other person)

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