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HG: Renuzit Review & Giveaway

Making your home smell nice for the Holidays but making sure the scent stays can be hard. You can spray air freshener but after a while, you don’t even notice that you’ve sprayed. With decorations (pets, kids, and in-laws) all around, it can be dangerous to burn a candle.  

With Renuzit, you don’t have that problem! Renuzit makes it possible to brighten up your house with ease!  With Fresh Accents fresheners, you just peel the pack of the gel and place it. With Adjustables, you just move the move to get the amount of scent you want. And with a variety of different scents available (like Relaxing Spa and Apple & Cinnamon), you are bound to find one you’ll just love!

Crystal Elements- Holiday Cookie
With 30-day of continuous fragrance odor elimination, you don’t worry about it running out in a week or two! 

If you want something a little more decorative, be sure to pick up some Crystal Elements! They are scent crystals, which you can place in a vase or small glass that will make your home smell absolutely great and look like an expensive item! Oh yea, and make sure to keep your guests feeling hungry with their Holiday Cookie scent! 

They also offer something similar to Glade Plug-Ins with their Electric Gels! Just plug-in and let the scents of your choice just fill the house! 

You can also get Scented Oils (like an oil diffuser) or Pearl Scents, a jar filled with your scent choice. 

You can purchase Fresh Accents, Adjustables, Crystal Elements, Electric Gels, Scented Oils, or Pearl Scents anywhere Renuzit products are sold. 

I was able to review the Fresh Accents fresheners in Winter Berry and Fresh Snow.

Winter Berry- Smells just like the berries from holly and other berries you would find during the winter months. It wasn’t overpowering but subtle. But it wasn’t a weak scent. It filled the whole room with the scent of berries. The scent may not be as strong as it was when we first started using it, but you can tell there is still a berry scent in the air. 

Fresh Snow- This reminded me of being out in the country with pines and snow. It smells like fresh pine (maybe powdered with a little snow). This scent was a little strong, especially for someone from the city (Yep. I’m a city gal!). But it is a nice change from the polluted streets. 

I personally love the snowflakes on either side! As you can tell from the pictures, one side as a big snowflake while the other has 2 small ones. And it couldn’t have been easier to use! You just peel the backside of the gel pack and place it in the “cartridge”. If you place it behind sunlight, the snowflakes light up… somewhat.  It’s a great way to make your home smell like the Holidays without burning a candle or spraying air freshener that won’t last!

Three (3) winners will each receive ONE (1) Renuzit Fresh Accents FREE product coupon.

I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received FREE Renuzit Fresh Accents from PurexInsiders. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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