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Kid-friendly Halloween Crafts

I know its the first of October, and its hard to imagine getting everything ready for Halloween. I won't lie, there are a few people around town that had their decorations up WEEKS ago. It was too early, even for me. But since its getting closer and closer to Halloween, I know people will be scrambling around to get craft supplies, decorations, and costumes just to get the best deals. I found most of these online and plan to try them out myself!

A lot of these are kid-friendly, but might require adult supervision or a little help.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin- One Charming Party

Supplies: a roll of toilet paper per child, an orange piece of tissue paper per child, green tissue paper pieces, raffia, black pumpkin face cut out of black paper or foam per child (optional)

Have each child roll up their toilet paper in a sheet of orange tissue paper. Then have them tuck the ends of the tissue paper into the cylinder inside the toilet paper roll. A part of a piece of green tissue paper can be twisted and tucked into the top along with some raffia. As an optional addition, you could cut out jack-o-lantern faces ahead of time or have the children cut out their own from black paper or sticky foam. Have them glue or tape the faces onto their pumpkins.

Bat Tissue Paper Garland- Martha Stewart

Supplies: package of black tissue paper, bat design, scissors, pen/pencil

Trace or draw desired design across full width of a package of folded tissue paper; we used a cookie cutter as our guide. Cut along the outline, leaving a bit of uncut fold at both sides so figures connect to one another. You'll end up with several strings of five or six shapes each; tape together for a garland.

Witches' Hats- Kaboose (link no longer available)

Supplies: 2 sheets of black construction paper, 1 sheet of felt (green, orange, purple, or red), strip of black felt, craft glue, scissors, tape

Roll 1 sheet of black paper into a cone. Secure with tape. Trim the bottom of the cone so that it will stand up on the table. Use a cup or jar as a guide and cut out a circle from black paper large enough for the hat brim. Glue the cone to the circle and set aside to dry (see image). Cut ¼” or ½” strips of felt and glue them around the cone. Cut a strip of black felt to go around the base of the cone. If you like, cut a bat out of black felt and glue to your hat.

For more fun kid-friendly Halloween crafts, be sure to check out our Halloween board on Pinterest! 


  1. Nice ideas for crafts. I love that toilet paper crafts and that cone Witch hat in particular. I'd love to try those Halloween crafts with my kids this coming Halloween. Cheers and thanks for sharing these ideas.

  2. Lots of neat ideas. I love the toilet paper pumpkin.


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